Friday, March 9, 2012

The Man and His Howling Ode


As the naked sunlight breaks

Those stars up in the sky

It’s making his blues sing tears of joy


Black magic spells the hour

He’s doomed, confused & hollow

Riding the sins in the falling rain



[Pre Chorus]

On the top of a mountain

By the edge of the world

He’s standing lonely as the sun


Strong winds as they play with his freedom

He’s high on a thousand dollar bill

Bring in the gun & shoot him brother




He ain’t gonna weep in the rain

He ain’t gonna strip all my pain

He ain’t gonna feel ashamed

To see him drowning down the hole

But he’s still strong enough to face

The Man & His Howling Ode



And this man keeps walking on

His battle razes on

Never will he be the man he wants to be



His will always prevails

His fight makes him so alive

Days of redemption is knocking on



Repeat [Pre Chorus]


Repeat {Chorus}



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