Friday, February 13, 2015

dream of diesel heart that just won't go #monstermagnet

On the edge of Mars but it just don't show.....

Sometimes my soul just moves so slow
Like a dream of diesel heart that just won't go
There's a light that used to shine
I breathed it all the time
Now I wait on the edge of Mars
But it just don't show, yeah

And Now India Graffiti Run far!


Tapped in to a cosmic fame

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Guess all I've got to say about karma's true

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Black Balloon - Superjudge - Monster Magnet

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All guns are loaded and I'm ready to rock n roll
My independence struggles within the flame & the fire

Celebrating spirit of street art & graffiti festival with life size murals inspiring change in mindset of people using language of art. Hashtag #IndiaGraffitiRun or visit the blog at

Street art India is a celebration by random artists & creative art lover’s intent on change, driven by desire to change & wilful execution for change by coming together to create life size mural designs.